Mover Tips on Lifting Heavy Objects

Lift Heavy Stuff Without Breaking Your Back

There will be some point when lifting heavy objects or boxes is required, and even more so when you are moving. It may seem an easy task to begin with; however, more often than not, you can end up causing yourself some serious harm and long-term damage if you do not do this properly or decide not to hire a professional mover.

If you work in a job where lifting heavy objects is part of your daily routine, you will already have gone through some basic training on how to lift heavy objects the right way. Companies don’t invest time and resources for no reason. When it comes to your health, in particular your spine, you can’t be too careful! There are multiple incidents where people have caused permanent damage and even disability by lifting heavy items the wrong way.

The correct way to lift heavy items by yourself guide

Examine what you’re lifting

No matter how small the box or object is, always check it before you try to lift it. Check to see if the weight is something that you physically manage. If you deem it too heavy, then don’t attempt to lift it.

One good way to check if it’s too heavy is to kneel down in front of the item and try and slide it. You will know by doing this if the object is heavy. If you are unable to push or slide it, this is a good indication that it is too heavy. You should never try to lift any item if it is too heavy, so ask for help.

Check your route

How far do you have to carry the item? Do you have to go up or down stairs? Trying to carry a heavy item whilst going down or up stairs can be more difficult and dangerous. Check to see if there are obstacles in your path that you could fall over. Any items on the floor should be removed beforehand so you can carry the object without tripping up on anything.

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