To Do List Before Booking Moving Services

Helpful Tips for the Big Move  

New begging, new start! Who wants to deal with all the hoopla and stress that comes with moving from one place to another? We know that packing and unpacking are not one of the most pleasant ways to spend your weekend! Let Mr T's Moving and Hauling take care of any little detail and give you the chance to enjoy your moving day. We are professional movers in the industry and have been relocating people and families from one Tyler, TX home to another for over 16 years.

You should make a “to do” list for the big day, no matter if you have decided to use moving services or want to pack and move your stuff on your own. Here, Mr T's Moving and Hauling gives a few tips things to include in it:

• Leave your old unusable stuff – No matter how long you’ve been at your current residence, you are likely to have accumulated things you won’t need at your new place. Discover which ones you do not need and just leave them or call a company for hauling services.

• Prepare – It is important to start packing a few days before the big moving event. One of the best techniques is to pack by room and mark the boxes appropriately. First, pack the essential items and then go to another one.

• Take the right care for your kids and pets: If you have kids, you better arrange for someone to take care of them, during the moving day while the trucks are being loaded up. Arrangements for pets are also a must. It can be really stressful when movers come and go.

• Packing Personal items: All personal items such as paperwork and jewelry as well as necessities for the first night (toiletries, pajamas, blankets, etc.) should, if possible, stay with you at all times. This is for your protection as well as the protection of your movers (no matter if they are your friends or professional movers you have hired).

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